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2023 Q3 Pet Insurance Updates from Embrace

Leading the Pack

Sit, Stay, Read: Pet Insurance Q3 Insights Unleashed

Embrace Pet Insurance 2023 Q3 Insights

Embrace Pawthlete Showdown

Embrace Pet Insurance has announced the winners of its first-ever Embrace Pawthlete Showdown, which celebrates Embrace as the Official Pet Insurer of the Cleveland Browns. Over 300 pet parents from across the nation submitted videos showcasing their pets’ captivating athletic talents or uncoordinated fumbles, and the public voted to identify the Top Paw MVPs and Top Benchwarmers.

Koa, a one-eyed dog who showcased remarkable athleticism, triumphing over adversity.

A man holding a kitten and a chicken

Bon Bon, a pup who can do an impressively smooth handstand.

Orange tabby cat looking up.

Largest Claims Covered in Q3 2023

Survey Says... You’re Obsessed with Your Pet!

Man in a hat holding two kittens


of members surveyed have more pictures of their pets on their phone and social media than of their significant other.

A family at the lake with their dog


of members surveyed have canceled plans to spend time with their pet.

Puppy and kitten being examined by a veterinarian


of members surveyed spend more money on gifts for their pet than their significant other.

In Case You Missed It! A Sampling of Embrace’s Expert Insights

The Soaring Costs of Vet Care: What You Need to Know

  • A Staggering Increase: Since 1997, the cost of veterinary care has skyrocketed, with a staggering 236.9% increase by 2023.
  • Record-Breaking Claims: In January 2023, Embrace Pet Insurance paid out its largest claim ever, a whopping $31,922.
  • Expensive Conditions: Treating lymphoma in Golden Retrievers averages at $473, but often costs much more. Some pet parents have even filed claims exceeding $5,100 just for the diagnosis. 
  • Goldendoodle Trends: Claims data reveals that the cost of submitted claims for Goldendoodles increased by 45% from 2022 to 2023. This breed is prone to costly conditions like gastric dilation and volvulus syndrome ($3,068), cranial cruciate ligament tears ($1,710), and foreign bodies ($1,570)

If you’re interested in a unique perspective regarding what is driving the rising costs of vet care from the President of Embrace Pet Insurance, Brian Macias, please reach out to abatteiger@embracepetinsurance.com

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For additional industry insights, contact abatteiger@embracepetinsurance.com

or tbyrne@fallsandco.com to learn more!

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Embrace Pet Insurance
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In Q3, the date with the highest number of submitted claims was July 10, 2023, with 3,667 total claims submitted

Top Paws MVP

The Top Paw MVP category encouraged participants to submit videos that highlight their pet's exceptional athleticism or remarkable feats. The Top Paw MVPs are:

Leila, a "Chocolate Chunk" of a dog with an impressive dock dive.

Orange tabby cat looking up.

Top Benchwarmers

The Top Benchwarmer category highlighted pets' silly, uncoordinated and heartwarming qualities. The Top Benchwarmers are:

Kodaa dog who was saving his energy for other things when he made a ridiculous dismount from the couch.

A man holding a kitten and a chicken
A man holding a kitten and a chicken

Willow, a 13-year-old pup who is better suited for watching baseball than playing it.

A man holding a kitten and a chicken

Charlotte, a cat who missed every toy she lunged at.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce AKA “Swelce” Romance-Inspired Pet Names

Embrace has compiled a list of top pet names inspired by Taylor Swift's recent romance with Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs. "Willow" and "Betty" are the most popular names, referencing Swift's albums "Evermore" and "Folklore." Approximately 1,500 Embrace-insured pets are named "Willow." Other popular names include "Chief," "Wolf" (the Chiefs' mascot), "Red," "August," "Taylor," "Travis," and "Kelce." The list was created using Embrace's pet database.

Embrace also has pets named the exact same names as Taylor’s cats, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button. Read more here

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